viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

CHRISTMAS around the world


To Frere Jacques 

Where is Santa? - 
Where is Santa? Where is Santa? 
Dressed in red, dressed in red, 
Hurry up and find him, hurry up and find 
I can't wait 



C is for Christmas I wait for all year.
H is for holly that brings so much cheer.
R is for reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh.
I is for icicles dripping all day.
S is for Santa who seldom is seen.
T is for tree that is lovely and green.
M is for mistletoe, hugs, and a kiss.
A is for angel who looks just like this.
S is for stockings all loaded with toys, from all of the elves to the girls and the

C is for Christmas, I love it so, 
H is for holly and Santa's ho, ho, 
R is for reindeer prancing around, 
I is for icicles drip-dripping down, 
S is for stockings all hung in a row, 
T is for toys all tied with a bow, 
M is for mistletoe, who will kiss me? 
A is for angel on top of the tree. 
S is for Santa he soon will be here 

Santa is coming to bring Christmas cheer. PLAY THIS GAME